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I've been collecting F1 models for years and in about 2002 I decided to produce my first Wolf kits to see if I could do it.
Lee-Ann and I are both industrial designers and I was looking for a new way to use our skills. In the beginning it was a real problem to produce the small parts required by 1/43rd scale. Up until then we had spent a lot of time designing much larger items such as garden furniture. Despite a few wrong turns in the beginning and nearly turning to resin production, we eventually dispatched our first order to Grand Prix Models in November 2003. They had patiently waited 6 months for us to get our first production ready.

All our kits are white metal and include photo etch, decals, machined parts and rubber tyres. We make most of the parts in South Africa, aside from a some shocks and rims from Tameo and printing from Cartograph, both in Italy. We are also the South African distributor for Tameo and Silverline Kits.

I would be interested in receiving your 'wish lists' to consider models for future releases. Photo's are also welcome. mail@thiswayup.co.za

For photo references of our kits, Have a look at Kit references.


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